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    golden_gate_bridge_black_and_white-wallpaper-1024x768.jpg General Management Consultants LLC was established in 2012 with the purpose of  being the solution for public and private organizations in building and developing healthy organizational structures and to make possible a sustainable viability of institutions and / or companies. General Management Consultants LLC offers consulting services for the public and private sector with a concerted focus on building-up viable management systems and strengthening capacities. For the private sector we are an indispensable partner in correcting nonfunctional organizational management systems, allocating tasks and responsibilities effectively, and empowering strategic planning. We also support domestic manufacturers in developing new markets and in positioning in new and foreign markets. We support our customers through proper professional advice and essential training along their growth path. For the public sector we are an interesting partner in applying , the correct management tools, which are not common for the public sector of many countries, with the purpose of creating healthy and efficient working environments. We are also interested in convincing the public sector to direct a greater focus on the citizen and his needs and – considered strategic – and finally to see the citizen as the true customer. Because of the increasingly intense global consolidation and the increasing complexity in organizations, be they public institutions or economic entities, there is a great need for the specification of strategic and operational tasks with the right management tools primarily to ensure the existence of these entities and secondarily to create effective and viable systems. Due to these impending changes, many of these systems will no longer be able to function and therefore be lost, especially to companies. The specific need exists to overcome the crisis and in the acquisition of truly effective management skills, that are essential for the future. To fulfill this important task, we have a large number of experts and partners who have the required knowledge and experience needed. We are therefore able to provide what is needed to achieve the necessary restructuring and its implementation. We see our market mainly in companies which demonstrate growth potential and are willing to make the necessary changes. They have to be enabled to correctly identify the problem of their customers and to search for and apply new technological solutions. Commonly seen, and thus involving the public sector, our customers are those who can see that the existing management systems are inappropriate and do not result in any customer satisfaction respectively no problem solving for customers. The demand for our services will develop in two ways. With the on time judgment about the coming changes in the market, there is hope of continuing existence for the companies which are led truly entrepreneurial. If the knowledge and the readiness for change is delayed, it will unfortunately be too late. In this regard, there is the possibility of working with start-up companies or companies that want to start again. Our range of management knowledge and management skills will exist, because no one can do withut it. Thus, there is an enormous gap in the market that may not yet be visible for many. Similar concepts have been successfully developed for some time and also used by many companies and public organizations worldwide. On the other hand, there are companies in our market, which are thus led properly since the beginning and with entrepreneurial effectiveness. In most cases, these are family businesses. From those, other companies can learn a lot, but a correct adjustment must be carried out in-house. Taking into account the foregoing, our range is innovative and market-ready. Our services will change over time to give the best possible results adapt those to the needs of customers and the circumstances of the time. To cope with the challenges ahead there is no need for the fulfillment of major technological conditions. Restructuring is done through reflection, comprehensive communication and focus on the essentials. For this to be achieved, the willingness to non-hierarchical systems must be provided. Along this path we help our customers safely and competently by giving the necessary impulses and guiding questions. We are your reliable partner for a continued and safe escort to your successful growth and development path!